Browsix makes core Unix features available in web applications (including processes, pipes, signals, sockets, and a shared file system) and extends JavaScript runtimes for C, C++, Go, and Node.js programs so they can run in a Unix-like environment within the browser.

This split-panel editor uses Browsix to run programs from the TeX Live suite in the browser. When you hit the "Build PDF" button in the upper right, Browsix runslatex main.tex; bibtex main.aux; latex main.tex; latex main.tex in sequence, with each command executed as a process in its own Web Worker, to generate (or regenerate) the PDF shown below on the right. Running these four commands takes between 40 and 80 seconds.

A faster version of this demo using Shared Array Buffers for blocking syscalls in asm.js is available here, which should work in all browsers.

PDF will appear here when built